Ron Williams

Ron Williams, born and raised in Southern California, learned his greatest lessons in life playing and competing in sports. These lessons continue to contribute to his passion for life, music, and especially humanity. Today, Williams is a successful author, lecturer and advocate for personal development and general health. He is committed to a philosophy of using his time, talent and resources to making a difference in the world, even if that means doing it one person at a time. Williams has successfully led multi-million dollar corporations with his unique talent for creatively bringing intangible concepts to life. Nearly all of these results were created while Ron kept his priority of being a single full-time parent to his daughter Maron. He is currently CEO and Chairman of, which includes such ventures as the UofYOU, ForeverGreen Pictures, FLOWgreen, Bright Green Records and ForeverGreen International, which are all a driving force in supporting his non-profit foundation Happy Children.

As a singer, composer and producer of music, Williams is also an award-winning filmmaker. He has touched hundreds of thousands of people in more than 20 different countries around the world. His wife Kandi and daughters Maron and Gema are his love and inspirational teachers. Williams was recently contracted by his home sate to be a “good will ambassador”, bringing a message of health and happiness to its communities. No matter the occasion, Williams has mastered his ability to creatively project life-changing information through his heart.

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